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Mid90s (2018)

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Movie Name: Mid90s (2018)
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama
Date of Publication: 26 October 2018 (USA)
Duration: 85 minutes
Director(s): Jonah Hill
Stars: Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston, Lucas Hedges

In the mid-1990s, 13-year-old Stevie lives in Los Angeles with his aggressive, fitness-obsessed older brother Ian and single mother Dabney. One day Stevie bikes past Motor Avenue Skateshop, admires the boastful camaraderie of skateboarders outside the shop, and returns the following day. Back home, Stevie trades with his brother for a skateboard, brings it to the shop and befriends young skater Ruben, who introduces him to the rest of the group: Ray, “Fuckshit,” and “Fourth Grade.” Although an inexperienced skater, Stevie is drawn to the group and aspires to imitate their daredevil behavior and anti-social attitudes. The group nicknames him “Sunburn”. Ruben begins to resent Stevie because he feels he’s being replaced as the “younger kid” in the group.

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