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Hud (1963)

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Movie Name: Hud (1963)
Genre(s): Drama, Western
Date of Publication: 29 May 1963 (USA)
Duration: 112 minutes
Director(s): Martin Ritt
Stars: Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal

Thirty-four year old Hud Bannon comes from a Texas cattle ranching family. Unlike his aging father, Homer Bannon, whose entire life has always been the ranch, self-absorbed and reckless Hud sees the ranch and ranching solely as a means to live his hard and fast life, which includes copious amounts of alcohol and cavorting with loose women, regardless of their marital status. Also living in the house of the ranch is Homer’s seventeen year old grandson, Lonnie Bannon, whose father Norman Bannon, Hud’s older brother and Homer’s other son, died when Lonnie was two. Beyond the open differences in their wants in life, there is a further underlying tension between Homer and Hud. Lonnie, however, admires Hud, Lonnie who believes his grandfather rides Hud too much. A recent arrival into the household is the new housekeeper, middle aged divorcée Alma Brown. She is well aware that both Hud and Lonnie are attracted to her, each in his own way. A crisis on the ranch and the actions of the three Bannon men to the crisis have the potential to clarify the interrelationships between all four living in the Bannon house.

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