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How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World (2019)

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Movie Name: How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World (2019)
Genre(s): Animation, Action, Adventure
Date of Publication: 22 February 2019 (USA)
Duration: 104 minutes
Director(s): Dean DeBlois
Stars: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, F. Murray Abraham

The Vikings continue to rescue captured dragons in order to bring them to Berk and its bustling dragon and human utopia. Their efforts have resulted in the island becoming overpopulated with dragons. In a response to the overcrowding, Hiccup desires to find the “Hidden World”, a safe haven for dragons spoken of by his late father Stoick. Meanwhile Toothless finds his perfect date and that was this Light Fury who was held captive by warlords and she was given to infamous dragon hunter Grimmel the Grisly (Night Fury Killer) as bait for him to capture Toothless himself for the warlords’ use as an alpha. But the Light Fury falls in love with Toothless (Night Fury) and teaches him how to use his power.

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