Hot Summer Nights (2017)

Watch Hot Summer Nights (2017) Online [HD] Movie Name: Hot Summer Nights (2017)Genre(s): Comedy, Crime, DramaDate of Publication: 27 July 2018 (USA)Duration: 107 minutesDirector(s): Elijah BynumStars: Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, Alex Roe Storyline:In the summer of 1991, a sheltered teenage boy comes of age during a wild summer he spends in Cape Cod getting rich […]

Avengement (2019)

Watch Avengement (2019) Online [HD] Movie Name: Avengement (2019)Genre(s): Action, Crime, ThrillerDate of Publication: 24 May 2019 (USA)Duration: 90 minutesDirector(s): Jesse V. JohnsonStars: Scott Adkins, Craig Fairbrass, Thomas Turgoose Storyline:Cain Burgess was in prison for someone else’s crimes and for seven years he dreamed of freedom. Every day he thought that he would someday be […]

The House That Jack Built (2018)

Watch The House That Jack Built (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: The House That Jack Built (2018)Genre(s): Crime, Drama, HorrorDate of Publication: 17 October 2018 (France)Duration: 152 minutesDirector(s): Lars von TrierStars: Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman Storyline:USA in the 1970s. We follow the highly intelligent Jack over a span of 12 years and are […]

The Mule (2018)

Watch The Mule (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: The Mule (2018)Genre(s): 116 minutesDate of Publication: 14 December 2018 (USA)Duration: Crime, Drama, ThrillerDirector(s): Clint EastwoodStars: Clint Eastwood, Patrick L. Reyes, Cesar De León Storyline:In Peoria, Illinois, the Korean War veteran Earl Stone is a ninety year-old horticulturist that has always prioritized his work and friends over […]

Holmes and Watson (2018)

Watch Holmes and Watson (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: Holmes and Watson (2018)Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, CrimeDate of Publication: 25 December 2018 (USA)Duration: 90 minutesDirector(s): Etan CohenStars: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Ralph Fiennes Storyline:A humorous take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mysteries featuring Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Destroyer (2018)

Watch Destroyer (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: Destroyer (2018)Genre(s): Action, Crime, DramaDate of Publication: 27 December 2018 (Israel)Duration: 121 minutesDirector(s): Karyn KusamaStars: Nicole Kidman, Toby Kebbell, Tatiana Maslany Storyline:The plot is devoted to the history of Los Angeles detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman), in her youth working undercover in one of the Californian criminal gangs. […]

Can You Ever Forgive me (2018)

Watch Can You Ever Forgive me (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: Can You Ever Forgive me (2018)Genre(s): Biography, Comedy, CrimeDate of Publication: 2 November 2018 (South Africa)Duration: 106 minutesDirector(s): Marielle HellerStars: Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant, Dolly Wells Storyline:Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy) made her living in the 1970’s and 80’s profiling the likes of Katharine […]

Widows (2018)

Watch Widows (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: Widows (2018)Genre(s): Crime, Drama, ThrillerDate of Publication: 16 November 2018 (USA)Duration: 129 minutesDirector(s): Steve McQueenStars: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki Storyline:Harry Rawlings, a renowned thief, is killed alongside his partners Carlos, Florek, and Jimmy during a botched robbery. His widow, Veronica, is threatened by crime boss Jamal […]

The Sisters Brothers (2018)

Watch The Sisters Brothers (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: The Sisters Brothers (2018)Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, CrimeDate of Publication: 19 October 2018 (USA)Duration: 122 minutesDirector(s): Jacques AudiardStars: John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal Storyline:The story follows Eli and Charlie Sisters, two hit-men brothers in the pay of a wealthy man known only as the Commodore, […]

The Vanishing (2018)

Watch The Vanishing (2018) Online [HD] Movie Name: The Vanishing (2018)Genre(s): Crime, Mystery, ThrillerDate of Publication: 4 January 2019 (USA)Duration: 107 minutesDirector(s): Kristoffer NyholmStars: Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan, Connor Swindells Storyline:On an uninhabited island 20 miles from the rugged Scottish coast, three lighthouse keepers arrive for their 6 week shift. As Thomas (Peter Mullan), James […]