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    Movie Name: Kedi (2016)
    Genre: Documentary
    Date of Publication: 30 June 2017 (UK)
    Duration: 79 minutes
    Director(s): Ceyda Torun
    Stars: Bengu, Deniz, Duman
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    Undeniably, the cat is picturesque Istanbul's soul. Even from the Ottoman era, countless kinds of cats began living in the city, and later on, when the first sewers were built and giant rats made their appearance, not a single house was without a mighty cat. Nowadays, cats are practically everywhere, and thousands of independent strays colour the ancient city not only with their diverse personalities and quirks but also with their elegant feminine posture and their distinct traits while strolling indolently Istanbul's dense and bustling neighbourhoods. Obviously, a love for cats is a special kind of love, as some believe that the resourceful and autonomous companions can absorb the negative energy, giving off only good vibes, while others think that cats are aware of God's existence instead of dogs. Who knows? Either way, cats are never ungrateful, we, humans, just need to form a special shared language, because from cats with a strong-willed character to those delicate and jealous ones, and from tough fish thieves to aristocratic and carefree vagabonds, one thing is for certain: the felines of Istanbul are without a doubt a cultural symbol.

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