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Exodus Gods and Kings (2014)

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    Movie Name: Exodus Gods and Kings (2014)
    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama
    Date of Publication: 26 December 2014
    Duration: 150 minutes
    Director(s): Ridley Scott
    Stars: Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley
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    In the ancient tale of the Hebrews, Moses gathers the faith to free his 600,000 enslaved people from the Egyptain Rule. King Rameces, who he grew up with, must face his once best friend in a battle that exceeds the mere mortals and endures the act of God.
    It is the time of the Pharaohs, where Egyptians lived well, and their Jewish slaves were tormented. A guy rules all of Egypt with his two sons, Ramses his real son, and Moses his adopted son. The Pharaoh King wants to pick the new ruler of Egypt due to his bad health. Ramses became king and finds out his brother was born a Jew. Moses tries to find himself and tries helping his true people. Two brothers now compete for Egypt, one brother born to rule, and another brother born to oppose the rules and lead his people to glory.

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