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Dark City (1998)

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    Movie Name: Dark City (1998)
    Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy
    Date of Publication: 27 February 1998
    Duration: 100 minutes
    Director(s): Alex Proyas
    Stars: Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly
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    A amnesiac man awakens in a bathtub and receives a phone call from a Dr. Daniel Schreber warning him that he should leave the hotel room since he will be captured. Before leaving the room, he finds the corpse of a woman and a knife. Soon a group of Strangers hunts him down but he succeeds to escape. Before leaving the hotel, the front desk informs that his wallet is in a restaurant. He retrieves his wallet and learns that his name is John Murdoch and is married with Emma. He is followed by the persistent police inspector Frank Burnstead that believes he is a serial-killer. Murdich also learns that he has uncontrolled powers called tuning similar to the Strangers and he flees using the powers. Murdoch notes that the city does not have daylight and every midnight the Strangers rearrange the city and change the people memories. Further, everybody knows the coastal town Shell Beach by heart but nobody knows how to go there. He teams up with Burnstead and Emma and apparently Dr. Schreber is the only human who knows what is happening in the city. What will be the fate of the humans in the hands of the Strangers?

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