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  • Watch Cell (2016) Online [HD]
    Movie Name: Cell (2016)
    Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    Date of Publication: 26 August 2016
    Duration: 98 minutes
    Director(s): Tod Williams
    Stars: John Cusack, Samuel L Jackson, Isabelle Fuhrman
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    For aspiring artist Clayton Clay Riddell, catching a big break has never been his strong suit, and only put undue stress on himself and family. Sick of teaching art instead of making it, hes finally seeing his dreams come true. As he finalizes a big deal in the city of Boston, Clay prepares for a new life ahead, completely free of financial burden and marital woes and the opportunity to start anew as a man established. But thats all about to change on one October afternoon, when at one single moment, everyone answers their cell phone, inevitably changing the face of humanity forever. The Pulse as it will be known, reverberates through every cell phone in the world, causing a deadly chain reaction of events. Users suddenly become ultra-violent, homicidal maniacs and begin attacking anyone within proximity. Now all Clay can do, is band together with other survivors and prepare for a new world ahead where society is no more, and replaced by homicidal creatures, who are only beginning to transform into something far worse. But for Clay, the worst is yet to come as he makes the trek across a world changed and into his Maine home, to a wife and son he hasnt been able to reach after the cataclysmic events that followed.

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