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April Fools (2015)

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    Movie Name: April Fools (2015)
    Genre: Comedy, Japan
    Date of Publication: 1 April 2015
    Duration: 118 minutes
    Director(s): Junichi Ishikawa
    Stars: Erika Toda, Tôri Matsuzaka, Masako Chiba IMDB Link
    Ayumi Nitta (Erika Toda)suffers from anthropophobia (extreme shyness fear of people). She works as a janitor at a hospital. She had a one night stand with Wataru Makino (Tori Matsuzaka) who is a sex addict and a womanizer getting his way with beautiful women by lying about being a very good surgeon and many other things. Ayumi later realizes that she is pregnant because of that one night stand. When she tells Wataru that she is pregnant, Wataru believes she is a making a bad April Fools joke. Wataru Makino then takes flight attendant Reiko (Nanao) out to an Italian restaurant. He doesnt know that Ayumi Nitta is going to the same restaurant, after he mentioned it when she called him, to confront him to take responsibility for getting her pregnant which escalated to a major incident. Other subplots involve a student (Seishuu Uragami) who thinks he is an alien after reading messages he received via internet, an old lady (Lily) who is being suspected by a police detective (Masanobu Takashima) of being a con offering some kind of shaman service, a middle aged couple (Kotaro Satomi, Sumiko Fuji) pretending to be Japanese royalties to fulfill the dying wifes wish, a kidnapped school student (Minami Hamabe) and her family, and two friends (Masataka Kubota, Masato Yano) who stay together one being a homosexual. All the things that happened in these subplots occurred on April 1st which could be or is mistaken to be April fools prank.

    Category : Public Movies