MovieSRC.COM is a HD movie streaming website where you can watch best quality of HD movie. We do not host these movies therefore, we are not responsible on any DMCA movie contents. Besides, the details of movie are taken from IMDB, therefore, we are not responsible on any outdated details.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. The movie is loading very slow! HELP!

The movies are encoded in 720p HD (1280x720). You are suggested to watch our movies with at least 2Mbps internet connection. If you have a slower internet connection speed (less than 2Mbps), you may need to leave the video to load/buffer for at least 5 minutes before you play the movies.

2. Why my browser cannot watch movies?

Our movie player will only work on latest version of supported browsers (google chrome, firefox, internet explorer and etc), therefore, you are suggested to update your browsers. In case you still cannot watch the movies, you will need to clear your browser cache or change to another browser.

3. Why I cannot watch movies on my smartphone?

Our movie player are working on most of the smartphone. In case you cannot watch the movie through your smartphone, you may download latest google chrome or firefox from Google Play or iTunes.

4. Why some movies play in low quality?

There are several factors for movies with low quality:

- Hosting site reduce movies quality

- Your browser problem

- Your screen too large (Since the movies will be played in 720p HD)

- Other unseen problems

5. How do I find certain movie?

You can use the search box on our site. Type the movie name or keyword and the site will shows the result.

6. I still cannot find the movie! What should I do?

The movie does not exist within the site. We may add in new movies periodically.